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How It Works


How it works



Place your weekly pre-order by Wednesday for delivery Thursday or Friday! Thursday through Wednesday we take pre-orders from our customers and get them processed by our suppliers on Thursday morning, then deliver orders Thursday afternoon and Friday.  We calculate final costs and accept payment for all orders at the time of delivery. Because most of our products are priced by the pound, we are unable to give the exact prices for those products until the day of delivery. 

We accept payment for all orders at the time of delivery. Our customers may pay by cash, PayPal, Square or Venmo. 


We currently deliver to the following locations in Central Virginia: Richmond, Zion Crossroads, Glenmore, Charlottesville, Ivy,  North Garden, Lynchburg, Bedford, and Smith Mountain Lake.

Free Contact-less Curbside Pickup

We offer several curbside pickup points in each of our delivery areas at set times on Thursday and Friday. It is possible that delivery times may vary based on boats, weather, traffic, and quantity of deliveries each week.  If the delivery time changes we will do our absolute best to communicate with you ASAP to ensure we successfully deliver your products.*


Contact-less Home Delivery

Our delivery radius is 10 miles either side of I-64 from Richmond to Charlottesville, Route 29 South from Charlottesville to Lynchburg, down 460 and 221 to Smith Mountain Lake. We charge $1 per mile. Free delivery on all orders over $100 within this 10 mile range. Add $1 per mile for delivery beyond the 10 mile radius.*

*As a last resort Surfside Sustainable Seafood LLC reserves the right to cancel orders and issue full refunds for circumstances that may occur out of our control, safety-related for our customers and/or employees, or as we deem necessary and by our own discretion.